Winner: Best Documentary Short, Tribeca Film Festival
We produced this documentary film about a father and son relationship at a halal slaughterhouse in Queens. The film broadcast in primetime on the PBS series Independent Lens.
directed by Yoni Brook
produced by Musa Syeed
executive produced by Marco Williams
Best Documentary Short, Tribeca Film Festival
Best Documentary Short, International Documentary Association Awards
Best Documentary Short, Ashland Film Festival
Council on Foundations Film and Video Festival - Henry Hampton Award
Audience Award, AFI/SilverDocs Film Festival
Selected Festivals
United States Representative to INPUT (International Public TV Conference) Johannesburg, South Africa
Full Frame Documentary Festival, North Carolina
True/False Film Festival, Missouri,
DocuWeek—International Documentary Association, LA
Thessaloniki Film Festival, Greece
Belfast Film Festival (Maysles Competition), Northern Ireland
Ashland Film Festival, Oregon
San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival
ZagrebDox, Zagreb, Croatia, 2008
Slant Festival: Bold Asian American Images, Houston, TX
Jilhava International Documentary Film Festival, Czech Republic
Tehran Cinema Verite Documentary Film Festival, Iran
Rooftop Film Festival, NYC
Expresión en Corto International Film Festival, Mexico
Cucalorus Film Festival,, North Carolina, USA
Sydney International Film Festival, Australia
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