In honor of Facebook's 10th anniversary, we told the story of a connection between two people in Congo and Manitoba, Canada.
We cast from hundreds of people to find the story of Brent Murray. Born with clubfoot, Brent had his own surgery as a baby. As an adult, he saw an ad for a T-shirt sponsoring MercyShips, a fleet of hospital ships that travel to remote regions in need of medical care.

We travelled to the Republic of Congo and told the story of Loic Mbeze, a child who had a similar surgery to Brent. Loic was born with knock knees, and without surgery, he would have lost his ability to walk.
Presented by Facebook Stories and Facebook for Business
Directed and photographed by Yoni Brook 
JZB Projects production
Produced by Nicholas Bruckman
Edited by Nicole Turney
Music by ToneDropper 
Motion Graphics by Kevin Dazet
Sound by Silver Sound
Re-recording Mixing by Cory Choy
Sound Editing by Robin Shore
Color and Finishing by Contact Post, NY
Additional photography by Josh Callow
Media team Congo: Catherine Murphy, Leigh Jackman
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